What color of eye shadows is best for you?

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Many women can not decide which colors of eye shadows look best on them. If you are one of these women, we have compiled these guidelines here just for you. One of the main things to remember is that the color of the shade should be a few tones lighter than the color of the eyes.

The main purpose of eye shadows is to highlight the natural color of the eyes. This is why it is recommended that you use natural tones which do not contrast with the color of your iris. One of the basic rules is to choose such shades which are either a few tones darker or lighter than the color of your eyes. Never use shadows in the same color and tone as the color of your iris. For example, if you have dark brown eyes, apply some light-brown tones of shades. They will make your eyes stand out and will add more expression to them.

There are some overall rules which will make your choice easier:

  1. For blue eyes – your colors can range anywhere from lilac and violet to eggplant.
  2. For brown eyes – you can use almost any color. You can find your best colors mainly through the trial and error process.
  3. For green eyes – pale pink and reddish brown.

Combinations you should avoid


Do not put red shadows over your eyelids unless you are trying to create an impression of fatigue. Even the palest red tones can have an aging effect if they are applied close to the eyes.

Too much shine

The glossy, shiny effects are suitable only for evening makeup. Use matted shadows for your day makeup.

More than one color

Sure you can use more than one color of shades, but only as long as you harmonize them correctly. Use a clean soft brush to blend each tone with the one next to it. There should be no distinguishable line between the different colors.

Use a different brush or applicator for each color you want to apply. If you use the same brush, the colors will get mixed and your makeup will look dirty.

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