Postponing aging through a smart lifestyle

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Lifestyle has a tremendous effect on health and that is no secret, but few people may know that lifestyle also has a claim on beauty. The food you consume and your daily exercise habits are an important factor in determining your vigor and youthfulness.


A healthy balanced diet is essential for any anti-aging program. Every day a new research shows the positive effects natural foods have on the health and appearance of the skin.

This is why you should strive to consume lean meats as well as good fats and natural carbohydrates, removing all refined sugars from your diet. Sugars contained in sweets often destroy the metabolism, especially when a person is undergoing a stressful period. A better alternative are the whole wheat products, fruits and foods rich in vitamins. Whole wheat products contain vitamins B5 and B6, which are required for the proper work of the nerve cells. Bananas, walnuts and green-leafed vegetables contain magnesium, which is an important mediator in spreading the nervous impulses.

Statistically most people lack diversity in their diet. When grocery shopping we tend to buy the same familiar foods. This makes our menu somewhat unvarying. In such cases the small step philosophy should be considered. Instead of drastically changing your whole diet, substitute one unhealthy meal a day with its healthier alternative.


  • Substitute whole wheat flour for white flour, fruit for sweets, and chicken for red meats.
  • Try to add fish to your menu at least three times a week.
  • Replace all unhealthy fats for healthier products.
  • Gradually reduce the amount of sugar in your coffee until you get used to its new black taste.
  • Drink more tea.
  • Add soy products to your daily menu.
  • When drinking alcohol, ask for whine and drink moderately.
  • Use natural cosmetics.


A balanced level of hormones keeps you healthy and slows the aging process. Keeping your hormonal balance should be easy with the right diet using natural foods containing phytohormones.

When the natural level of hormones begins to decrease with age, phytohormones kick in and act as their replacements. This helps in overcoming the hormonal deficiencies of age.

To this day dozens of different hormones have been discovered, yet the following two are the most essential for maintaining the youthful and healthy condition of the skin.


This is the most powerful anti-aging hormone and it is secreted mostly during the deep phases of sleep. This is where the popular notion of beauty sleep comes from. It is a known fact that the sleep before midnight is most beneficial.

With the advancement of age this hormone is secreted less and less. The results are discomfort, rounding of the belly, dry and thinning skin which is easily wrinkled and prematurely aged.

You can help your body during this period by consuming a mixture of propolis and pollen extracts.


The female hormone estrogen truly beautifies. It keeps the skin youthful, tight and elastic and also maintains a tight bust. With the approach of menopause, the levels of estrogen in the female organism suddenly decrease, leading to the typical complaints of that age – warm waves, moodiness, dry skin, etc. The regular consumption of red clover and soy products can alleviate these complaints significantly. Asian women who vastly include soy in their menu rarely have such problems.


Regular movement is one of the requirements for maintaining youthfulness, because sports and physical activities are a natural way of bringing harmony in the body. The level of hormones triples after 20 minutes of moderate movement. The increase in oxygen better supplies the cells with nutrients. Microcirculation of the skin also improves, making your complexion brighter and healthier.

Brisk walking is the best way to exercise. It is easy on the joints, while it pumps oxygen into the lungs and heart. If you are a beginner at any sport, you should start with minimal stress and follow your heart rate.

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