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If you are taking the annual photos to send friends and family, you will have to readjust your makeup. There are 10 rules you should strive to keep in order to look good in artificial light and on camera. The lighting that will be used during the shoot depends on the parameters of the venue and you can control its effects through makeup.

  1. Cleanse your face 10-15 minutes before applying foundation. This makes the skin look brighter.
  2. Foundation should not have a shine or light-reflecting particles. Use a matting variety.
  3. If there is an area of your face that is particularly flaky, resist the temptation to cover it up with extra foundation. This will only bring attention to that area and make it more noticeable.
  4. Be careful with the yellow tones if you are taking pictures during the night. Yellow reflects the light of the flash and can ruin your photos. Instead go for the pink tones. They are not reflective and bring balance to the picture.
  5. Apply blush not only to your cheekbones, but also to your forehead, nose and chin. Apply it with a large brush and quick strokes in order to avoid excessive layering. Dab the brush in the blush and blow it out before you bring it to your face.
  6. Tweeze your eyebrows a day or two before the shoot. Eyebrows are very important, because they highlight your eyes and set the overall expression of your face.
  7. Use volume mascara in order to make your eyes look larger and more expressive.
  8. Outline your lips with a pencil lip liner. If you have a small face with delicate features, be careful not to use too much lip liner and lipstick.
  9. Avoid using light colored lip liners. They do not look good on photos.
  10.  Never use a product that makes you feel uncomfortable. In order to get the perfect pictures, you have to feel relaxed and comfortable during the shoot.
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