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You have finally been asked out by the man of your dreams! When going out on a first date you want to impress the guy, not scare him off. This is why you should pay special attention to your makeup.

Concentrate on the eyes. They will afford the first contact with the man of your dreams. Make sure you have removed all traces of old makeup. You don’t need to wear eye shadows, just mascara. This will give you a look of purity and innocence.

Clear or fruity lip gloss is an excellent decision. Keep your makeup light and as close to natural as possible, so that he can see the real you and be attracted to your natural features.

If however you are bent on using makeup, follow this guide.


You need warm, pastel tones like beige, brown and dark gold which would blend with your hair and make you look like a ray of sunshine. Pink and champagne tones give your face a gentle look.

Chestnut hair

Warm brown colors are great for you. Smoky chestnut or hazelnut can look wonderful combined with nuances of purple and pink, coral and dark-brown.


Fiery ladies look glorious with makeup in green and beige with pink blush and pale brown lipstick. Greens are an excellent highlight for your burning mane.

Black hair

Mysterious beauty with raven-black locks, you can go for the bright, passionate colors. Focus on smoky makeup – dark grey and navy blue, and cover your lips with a bright pink lipstick. Mascara must be black in order to accentuate on the eyes.

Dark brown hair

Brunettes with coffee-colored or dark chocolate hair will look exceptional in plum, burgundy or metallic brown colors. Add some warmth to your look with metallic tones such as bronze, copper or gold.

Don’t forget that guys don’t like too much makeup. If you expect the date to end with a kiss, refrain from using too much gloss or lipstick.

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