Little secrets for perfect lashes


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For lengthening the eyebrows use single strokes without accumulating lot of mascara.

For a natural but maintained look use a small brush to remove the extra mascara.

For curly lashes, if you do not want to use curlers which guys seem to think of as torture devices, then apply mascara first to the upper side of the upper lashes, and then to the lower side as usual.


Black mascara is classic, especially for brunettes. For women with lighter hair and eyebrows black should be reserved only for evening makeup. Use brown mascara for the day.

Blue and green mascaras are not amongst the most flattering, but you can still use them if you like. Just keep in mind that the color of mascara should not be the same as the color of your eyes.

Little secrets

Eye lashes can be lengthened if you brush them beginning at the tips and then zigzagging your way toward the roots. It sounds complicated, but it’s pretty easy.

When lashes are very long they can stain the lids with horrible little black dots. Use q-tips to wipe them off.

Do not cover the lower lashes with mascara, because this underlines the dark shadows beneath the eyes.

And last, but most important – no matter how expertly you have applied your mascara, you have to remove it every night with the appropriate product. Otherwise you may have to treat your eyes for inflammation.

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