How to recognize quality lipstick

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Lipsticks today are typically made of the following ingredients: ricin oil, lanolin, petroleum jelly, paraffin, bees wax, pigments and colorants. Cheap lipsticks are often sold at the registers and that is very tempting but before buying get yourself informed because sometimes cheapness can cost more than money.

Low price usually means low quality. Low quality lipsticks do not cling to the lips and the reason for that can be found in the cheap ingredients used, which do not offer good cohesion. Cheap lipsticks are either too runny or too dry. In the case of the former, the producers have used too much ricin oil and petroleum jelly, while in the case of the latter they have cut on paraffin. In both cases the lipstick is not very lasting and is easily “consumed”. Its colorants however are so strong and lasting that they leave spots on the lips which remain long after the lipstick is gone.

The main hazards in cheap lipsticks are colorants and pigments, because their origin is far from accountable. There is a risk of allergic reaction or toxic influence. One of the ways to tell if a certain lipstick is good is to try its texture. (This goes for other cosmetic products also). Texture is a collective notion which includes several characteristics of the product – consistency, density, viscosity and ease of using.

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