How to give yourself a facial massage

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There is a lot that can be said about the benefits of massage. One of the main goals of facial massage is to deal with stress and remove tension from the face. The face has many muscles and is the one part of your body where the effects of stress are most noticeable. The bone plates of the face allow for a sturdy but gentle massage.

Facial massage should be done after the application of cream or lotion, because the skin of the face is vulnerable and if it is not properly protected it can easily be traumatized, damaged or stretched. Massage invigorates the skin, improving blood flow and facilitating the production of collagen and elastin.

The five basic reasons for getting a facial massage are:

  1. It removes stress and tension.
  2. It tones the skin and muscles of the face.
  3. It improves facial color.
  4. Enhances the production of elastin and collagen.
  5. Postpones the appearance of signs of aging.

Here are a few simple massage techniques that you can perform on yourself every day after applying your daily lotion.

Neck massage

Stretch out your fingers, but keep them firmly together and use them to massage your neck starting from the bottom and moving up. Use the back of your hand to stroke your neck from the bottom up.

Massage of the chin

Place you left fist under your chin. Use the middle and index finger of your right hand to stroke your chin from the bottom up all the way to the lower lip. Place the index, middle and ring fingers of both your hands on your temples so that you can still reach your chin with both thumbs. Using your thumbs, stroke your chin horizontally moving from the inside out along the jawline.

Lip massage

Purse your lips as if you are about to give a kiss. Use your fingers to smooth out the laugh lines with gentle circular motions. Put your left hand on your left cheek and trace your mouth with the index finger of your right hand. Trade hands and repeat.

Nose massage

Massage your nose and its sides all the way to the area between your eyebrows by using first horizontal and then circular motions. Then move from the side of your nostrils toward your cheekbones and finish at the base of the ears.

Cheek massage

Any time you want to massage your cheeks, you have to secure the skin of your chin by placing a fist underneath it. Proceed with soft circular motions beginning at the chin and working toward the earlobes. Repeat, but use patting motions instead of circular.

Eye massage

Close your eyes. Place your fingertips at their inner corners and, applying light pressure, move them over the lid toward the outer corners of the eyes. Return to the inner corner, but this time use patting motions instead of strokes. Head toward the outer corner again with circular motions done with one or two fingers only. Return back to the inner corner with patting.

Forehead massage

Place the fingers of both hands in the center of your forehead. Smooth your forehead simultaneously moving the fingers of your right hand toward your right temple and the fingers of your left hand – toward your left. Repeat several times and end with a light patting.

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