Exercises for the neck

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With the following exercises you will keep wrinkles in the neck area long at bay.

If you have a double chin gently pat the skin under your chin with the back of your hand, alternating between left and right hand and curving forward or backward with each pat. If you have lipid formations, massage your neck with light pinches starting at its base and working toward the chin. You can do this as often as you want and can combine it with a more pleasurable activity like watching a movie or reading a book.

Put your elbows on the table and rest your chin against the entwined fingers of both your hands. Press your chin downwards and forwards. This will strengthen your neck.

The swan exercise is easy – act like a swan extending its neck forward and down in order to reach a piece of food.

And finally another tried and fun exercise: grind your teeth and smile widely while tightening and releasing your lips. Try saying something without changing your position. This may look funny and even ridiculous to a bystander but you will soon feel the effect of the exercise in your muscles.

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