Computer rays are harmful to facial skin

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Skin, especially of the dry type, gets easily dehydrated, loses its elasticity and strength. Furthermore, the attack of harmful rays from daily computer use can lead to premature wrinkle formation.

German scientists have discovered that tomatoes and cabbage are excellent means for protecting the skin from the harmful rays. They recommend daily consumption of a combined weight of 500-700 grams of cabbage and tomatoes.

Their colleagues from the Netherlands advise that after working on the computer for prolonged periods of time, relaxing compresses should be done by placing a towel dipped in a solution of mineral salts or red cedar over the face for 2 minutes.

Chinese doctors recommend drinking a few sips of water every half hour in order to refresh the face while working on the computer. Lemon or grapefruit juice can be added to the water for a stronger effect.

They also recommend drinking 300ml of fresh green tea every day, because it neutralizes the influence of the harmful computer rays.

Rubbing the skin of the face with a piece of fresh apple or frozen fruit juice also has a beneficial effect.

Japanese specialists advise placing potted cactus plants around the computer monitor, because they attract 50% of the radiation. Research results also show that cactus plants refresh dry air, supplying it with oxygen.

Canadian scientists are of the opinion that spraying water on the face is the best way to counteract the harmful effects of prolonged computer use. Simply spray your face with a spray bottle of mineral water or rub it with a wet tissue. If you are wearing makeup you can use deep hydration thermal spray, which will not only restore the natural moisture of your skin, but also fixates the makeup and makes it longer lasting.

Against dryness Lithuanian doctors recommend washing the skin with rye bread. Cover a piece of rye bread with hot water and when it cools strain. Use the water to wash your face several times throughout the day.

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