Common mistakes made in the name of beauty

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Women are often willing to suffer deprivation or discomfort in the name of beauty, but mistakes are often made and some of them can lead to lasting effects.

Mistake #1 “I’m tired, so I’ll just go to bed”

Disregarding this first rule of beauty is proof that you do not love yourself. Do not be surprised if your skin repays you with irritation, inflammation or, God forbid, pimples. Think of taking down your makeup and the cleansing procedures as relaxing, not exhausting. But be careful not to go too far. Squeaky clean skin is usually suffering from disturbed pH balance and hydro-lipid layer, which, roughly translated, is an open invitation for bacteria and a working order for all sebaceous glands.

Mistake #2 The rosy-cheeks doll

The purpose of blush is to enliven the face and to underline certain features. Some ladies think of it as an anachronism, while others use tons of it in an attempt to sculpt the nose and the oval of the face, while also making the cheeks skinnier. The result is a rosy-cheeked doll. The color of blush should also be taken into consideration. The effect of pink, peach or bronze-hued blush is more natural and elegant. The darker tones of blush have no enlivening effect, but can even make the skin look older.

Mistake #3 Rock-heavy eye lashes

If you have already applied 2-3 layers of mascara and it doesn’t seem to be enough, that means that your mascara is not of the best quality or it has expired. The right way to apply mascara is not to rub it on the lashes, but to follow their curve, evenly spreading the product along their whole length. Be careful with volume mascara. If you apply too much of it to the lower lashes it will begin to crumble and will make you look like a panda. If you do not apply it to the lower lashes you will look pale. Lengthening mascara also has a trick to it – wait for the first layer to dry completely before applying a second layer.

Mistake #4 The shiny face

We should clarify that the shine created by light-reflecting particles in foundation or face powder is not the same as and should not be mistaken with the unpleasant shine of oily skin. The former makes the face look bright and fresh, while the latter makes the face look dirty and untended. Shining of any kind should be avoided in the T-zone. If you wish to look like a runway model, then you will have to master the secrets of bright, glowing skin. You can add cream highlighter or silver face powder to the inner corner of the eyes, the upper lip, the area above the cheekbones and along the hairline.

Mistake #5 Neglecting the brushes and applicators

Applying foundation with your fingers is convenient but it is not always right. Some makeup like blush and eye shadows are better applied with the appropriate tools. This way you can be sure that your makeup is done properly and that you will not look like an enraged Navajo. One of the advantages of applicators is that they use less makeup. Some of them are especially designed to follow the curves of the eyes or face. The round rouge brush for example has a dome-like shape with shorter hairs at the edges. The eyebrow brush, which looks like a tiny slanted hoof gives the eyebrows a natural look.

Mistake #6 Fighting against visible wrinkles

The standard rule of prevention certainly applies here. Wrinkles are much easier to prevent than to treat. The aging process begins not at the age of 25 as was previously thought, but much earlier than that. The oxidation stress, which is a result of free radical action and UV rays, is the culprit. It’s easy to imagine how it works – just visualize a piece of apple browning in contact with air or a work of iron getting rusty. So the best friends of contemporary young ladies are not diamonds but antioxidants.

Mistake #7 Wearing a mask

The attempt to change the color of your complexion with foundation is never effective and can lead you to be mistaken for an actress in the Japanese Kabuki theatre. The complexion of your face can be a tone lighter than the rest of your body but never vice versa. Otherwise the face will fall into shadow and suffer disharmony.     Don’t forget to blend your foundation into your skin or you will look as if you’re trying to cover up the scars of plastic surgery.

Mistake #8 The UV victim

You will easily recognize her – she looks like Donatella Versace’s twin sister. There is a difference between an even bronze tan and the skin of a dry prune. Many ladies limit their sun exposure and make up for it in the tanning beds. Their belief is that tanning beds spare them from the dangerous UVB rays of the sun. There is a reason to this, yet you should not visit the solarium more than once a week. When the recommended dose is exceeded, UVA rays can cause aging too.

Mistake #9 Cigarettes have no effect on my beauty

Every smoker should be looking forward to vertical wrinkles on the upper lip. It sounds like a joke but it is true. Scientists are positive – it only takes two years of smoking to transform the skin from young and fresh into greyish, porous and wrinkly. Nicotine is not only bad for your tissues but it also steals vitamin C, which is responsible for collagen production. This is why plastic surgeons forbid smoking before and after surgery. It is a myth that if you quit smoking you will gain weight. In reality it is a hormonal imbalance that causes you to gain weight in some areas and lose weight in other.

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