Basic elements of makeup


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The basic elements of makeup are seven.


It could be liquid, solid or cream and it should be as close to your complexion as possible. Its quality should be the highest you can afford. Powder, whether compact or non-compact should also be of the highest quality in order to remain on the face longer.


Concealer should be a tone or two lighter than the foundation.


It can be bronzed to give you a natural look, or colorful for special effects. If you are new to makeup, you should know that the gentle colors in the bronze range are easiest to combine.


It makes the eyes look larger. The color of mascara, suitable for all eye colors (brown, green, black and blue) is black.

Eye shadows

The color of eye shadows should be in accordance with your clothes, skin complexion and eye color.


Eyeliner can be either pencil or liquid. Its purpose is to make your eyes stand out and to give them more expression.


This is the final touch for every makeup. It has to be coordinated in color and texture with every other element. Lipstick can make your lips look fuller or thinner.

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