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The care you should give your neck in order to keep it youthful and beautiful is no different than the care you give the rest of your body. The neck should be washed with soft soap in soft water. Cleansing should be carefully preformed. Exfoliate once a week, massaging the neck with a gentle scrub mask. You can also use a softening milk-based lotion as well as a relaxing natural ingredients mask. In the summer there is no better means of toning and hydrating than rubbing it with cucumber slices. For the winter you can reserve the contrasting showers in which you alternate bathing the neck in warmer and cooler water.

If you wish to avoid the early formation of wrinkles, you should start using rich hydrating lotions after your 25th year and once you pass 30 you have to put some effort into extra care. Skin on the neck is very thin and if you wish to prevent wrinkling you have to give it the best hydration possible. Another important rule is to protect the skin of the neck from the harmful influences of the sun by avoiding prolonged sun exposure in the summer and ensuring adequate protection. The most important factor of all is the right posture. If you are not constantly nodding in dejection but keep your head high and proud, you will significantly postpone wrinkle formation.

If you are in the bad habit of sleeping on 1 or 2 extra pillows, you have to work on breaking it or else the muscles of your neck will become tense and overly stretched. This habit also stands in the way of proper blood circulation. There are differing opinions as to whether or not you should use a pillow at all. However specialists agree that all stretching and tension should be avoided, as well as all discomfort in the muscles and joints.

Another bad habit that you need to quit as soon as possible is “popping” your neck. This is not an exercise and is in no way useful. Doing this you risk damaging a nerve and losing your mobility for a few days and even permanently.

The neck receives very little exercise from our daily activities, which is why we should make an effort to give it more conscious exercise in order to keep it in top shape. Excluding nodding and looking around, the neck is almost stationary. When it does not get sufficient movement, the neck is more prone to cramps and strains more easily.

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