Women with fuller lips look younger

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A research financed by Unilever Company and done by 7 universities has concluded that even if a woman has wrinkles or her hair has lost its luster she will still appear younger if her lips are full. This confirms the notion that pouty lips are one of the strongest sexual signals.

Whether your lips will retract or remain fresh is determined chiefly by the genes and not outer factors, such as the sun. Even though children seem to have full lips relative to the size of their face, human lips reach their maximum volume after puberty for both males and females. After that most people’s lips begin to retract.

Scientists have analyzed the lips of 102 pairs of Dutch twins between the ages of 59 to 81 and 162 British ladies of age 45 to 75. Results show that wrinkles, age spots and sun damage are equally determined by genetic and environmental factors. The thinning, receding and graying of the hair and the fullness of the lips are determined only by genes.

The size of lips of women over 60 can vary more than 7 times. The thinnest lips are only 3mm thick (for both), while the fullest can reach 2.2cm.

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