Winter type women and their dramatic palette of complementing contrasts


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The winter-woman has light skin, dark hair and a bright eye color. Her skin hue is always a little clear-blue. Sometimes the skin seems translucent with tiny blood vessels visible under its surface. Often this type of women have perpetual circles under their eyes precisely because of their thin skin.
The majority of them have dark hair – either ebony or auburn black or very dark brown. Some of them may have had light-brown hair during childhood which darkened with age, completely changing its undertone.
Often it is hard to categorize such a woman because even though there are no blond winter-women there can occasionally be some with darker skin. The thing that all winter-women have in common is the translucence of their skin and the depth of their eyes.
Winter-women are easily confused with summer-women. Winter beauties, regardless of their hair and eye color and complexion, are fairly quick in getting a sun tan. To the envy of the other women types, their tan is perfectly even and matted.
The beauty of these women can intuitively be described as cold, even if they are typical southerners.
What kind of eyes do winter-women have?
In almost all cases, the eyes are very expressive, large and captivating with an intensive, deep color. Most often their color is abysmally black, dark grey, dark blue or clear green. Winter-women with hazel eyes are rare, but even then, their color is not dim, but rather bright and attractive.
Even with a slight tan, the skin color of winter ladies looks light and cool. It never becomes golden or bronze.
Contrasting colors for the winter
Take a good look at the palette. Your colors are the brightest ones there, brighter than all the other types. The colors that the other types need to avoid – snow-white, deep-black or bright-red – are the ones that make you look gorgeous. Your type is the perfect type for contrasting colors. You choose and favor such combinations even subconsciously. Unfortunately, sometimes you may be drawn to golden-beige tones, especially if you have lighter hair. But these are the tones you should be avoiding, because they can give you a washed-out look. All nuances of hot pink, dramatic purple, dark blue or turquoise make you look amazing!
If you are bent on using green, choose bright distinctive tones, no pales, pastels or yellows! If you would like to wear some brown, then let it be the color of melted dark chocolate.
One more thing about light nuances: if you do not belong that much to the dramatically contrasting type, but are more of its gentle subtype, then you are blessed with the ability to look good in pastel tones. Just keep in mind that they have to be cool, distinct and very light.
Winter-women can afford black or dark grey makeup. It will give depth to their face and make it even more attractive. Dark red is also among the colors which add to their dramatic beauty. If you prefer calmer tones, try makeup in purple or dark blue. You will be amazed by the result.

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