What tone of red lipstick looks best on you?

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The secret to perfect red lips lies in selecting the tone that goes best with your complexion and hair color. Expert Poly King, founder of the cosmetic brand Lipstick Queen and consultant of many Hollywood stars recommends:

“The paler your skin is, the more orange there should be in your lipstick.

For women with dark skin and dark hair, red lipstick with pink undertones is best.

Don’t forget that red lipstick in itself is a strong highlight, so combine it with a more neutral eye makeup.”

Dark red (Bordeaux)

The wine-red tones are suitable for people with a very light complexion, which does not have a pinkish undertone. If your skin is dark and you still prefer this hue, then go for the metallic makeup nuances. Use golden face powder which will cover your face in mysterious little “sunbursts”.  Pull your hair back and put on a pair of sparkling earrings. In all other cases this tone of lipstick will make you look dark and vulgar. In swarthier women wine-red lipsticks may even have an aging effect.


Bright pink-red lipstick should never be used by red-heads or women with a pink complexion for the risk of looking ridiculous. You should also avoid this tone if you have defined and visible freckles.

Pink-red lipstick is reserved for the brunettes. It opens up the face and underlines the contrast between their lips and their dark hair. This color of lipstick looks good with any hair style – free flowing, elegant bun or a casual braid – and gives the air of class and charm.


This tone literally gives warmth. It is great for ladies with a very light, pinkish complexion, because it balances the facial tan. Keep in mind that using this color of red lipstick requires sparkling white teeth, because otherwise it will give them an unpleasant yellowish glow.

Orange-red lipstick is not reserved only for the “Snow White” type of ladies. It also looks fabulous on Latino-type ladies with golden complexions.


This is the perfect color for ladies with charming freckles and copper hair. It looks wonderful in combination with their delicate complexion and highlights their fragile features without looking too vulgar or fake.

And finally a small professional trick – a dab of golden-peach eye shadows to the hollow of your upper lip will brighten your face, highlight the beauty of your lips and make you look younger. But remember – just a dab.



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