Types of moles


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As the name indicates, birth marks appear shortly after birth and are mainly due to a disturbance in fetal cell development. Acquired moles emerge mostly in women as a result of sunburn or during pregnancy. They can be light-brown, dark-brown or even black in color. The shape and size of moles can vary greatly.

Nevi can be singular or multiple spread throughout the whole body or concentrated mostly on the extremities. Their surface can be either flat or protruding as with warts. They are rarely covered with dark hair.



There are several types of moles. The most common, especially among dark-skinned people, is lentigo. It is a round spot as large as a lentil bean, which can be flat or slightly raised above the surface of the skin. Its color may vary from yellow-brown to dark-brown. It is usually hairless.

Cellular moles

Another birth-mark variety is the cellular mole. It is a raised formation in the shape of a half-sphere. It is soft to the touch with a smooth or ridged surface. Its color can be either the color of the skin, yellow-brown, grayish or dark-violet. The shape can vary from lentil-size to the size of a cherry. Cellular moles are likely to have hair and can be found all over the face and body.

Blue nevus

Blue nevus is another type of mole which appears on the face in the shape of small lentil-sized knots. They have a bluish color which can be visible through the skin.

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