The advantages of dark skin and how to create the perfect makeup for it


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Different skin tones require different approach toward finding the perfect makeup. Experts say that dark skin is more resilient and therefore more susceptible to decorative cosmetics. Thanks to its higher content of pigments, dark skin is able to better resist the elements. Use the guidelines listed below to help you highlight your skin color.


Foundation is the most important part of your makeup and consequently of your whole image. In order to avoid creating the opposite effect and making your face look unnatural, the color of your foundation needs to be only one tone darker than your complexion.


Accentuate the eyes. You can confidently pull off dark blue grey, black and brown. Dark colors will complement your complexion. If you’re creating evening makeup you can finish it off with a little bit of shine.


Dark skin can look amazing with brown or strawberry colored lips. Other good colors for you are: coffee, chocolate, gold, pale pink and beige.


Blush is the last touch to the perfect makeup. You will have to be very careful in selecting it. Peach nuances are not appropriate for dark complexions, but oranges, corals and pinks are perfect.

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