Skin care during the cold months


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Cold weather, especially in combination with strong wind, can really dry the skin destroying its upper lipid layer. Yet, one of the worst things you can do for your skin when temperatures are low is to get it wet.

This is why specialists recommend that you protect the parts of your body that are directly exposed to weather conditions, by reducing the amount of water in the cells to the bare minimum. This can be achieved through the use of fat-based heavy lotions.

Here is some advice concerning particular parts of the body.


The most important thing here is to choose lotion appropriate for your skin type. Dry skin should be treated with moisturizer first and then sealed with a thicker lotion. The lotion that people with oily and normal skin use does not need to be as thick or heavy, but it should not contain water.


They preserve moisture less than any other part of the body. Even a simple everyday balm can keep them from drying. Before you apply it, you should clean the lips to remove dead cells. If you do not do this, they will begin flaking on their own.

Upper body

The upper body is usually well protected from the cold, but it needs to be hydrated at least once a day. A light moisturizer after your daily shower is enough.

Hands and feet

You should always keep hand lotion in your purse and use it several times a day, depending on how much time you are going to spend outside in the cold and how low the temperatures are. Moisturizing of the feet should be done in the evening, before going to bed and after a shower. If you want to intensify the effects of the lotion, put on cotton socks and gloves right after you apply it.

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