Playing with color – three unusual makeup ideas for bold, creative ladies


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New tendencies always tend to attract people like a magnet. In order to be in tune with fashion, sometimes we have to experiment. Those of you who are afraid of nothing can create and enjoy unique and interesting designs of makeup.


Unusual and unexpected colors, boldness, unquenchable thirst for experimenting – this is the true love of makeup. You only need to overcome your shyness and you will be inspired. There is no rule on colors which cannot be successfully broken with a little imagination.

Speaking of bold, rich colors, here are the top three: green, blue and purple.

If you’re dreaming of glamour and extravagance, think gold, burgundy or dark green.

You can create depth using matted colors or “frost” your makeup with brilliant shine.

To draw attention to the lips, give them color! Bright red and hot pink give character to your makeup.

Playing with color does not always equal choosing rich, bright tones. You can try the opposite – a minimalistic approach with unclear, blurry tones. This is the makeup of the ice queen – white and orange, white and pink, white coral.

Harmony and disharmony

You can bathe in colors, connect them, combine them and mix them. Use rich but clear tones and go for quality rather than quantity. Caked makeup is never beautiful.

Imagine wine, these deep tones of red, burgundy and purple. It looks like lipstick – bold and rich, yet light. Choosing tones from the red specter is provocative and brave. You will have to be confident.

Think clean. If you apply a bright color of lipstick let it stand out against the background of your natural complexion. Leave the rest of your face plain or use tones which are close to the tone of your skin in order to avoid looking tacky.

For an added effect you can experiment with different colors of lip liner and lipstick. Example: red lip liner, burgundy lipstick. Use gloss for creating a 3D effect.

Leave your cheeks “clear” and use only face powder similar to your complexion.

Architectural quirks

To achieve an exquisitely dramatic makeup, accentuate the protruding parts of your face. A good way to do that is to highlight or lighten the eyebrows and cheekbones. Think sexy, innocent, naked… your invisible makeup is enchanting and seductive.

The first step to the perfect skin is cleaning and toning it. Lighten those parts of your face which do not need color, like the bone directly below the eyebrow arch, cheekbones, inner corners of the eye. Apply a neutral tone of eye-shadows below the lower lashes and in the fold of the eyelid. This will invisibly accentuate the eyes.

Use blush in gentle pink or peach tones on the cheekbones.

Trace the lips with lip liner in a neutral color; apply pale pink lipstick or a balm with a slight coloring effect.

Now you have three different and easy ideas. Try them on, at least for inspiration. Let your imagination lead you to express your individuality in your own makeup ideas and creations. Be brave. Enjoy color. Love life.

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