Pencil tricks for extreme situations

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Travel, endless parties or quick change of environment – there are many situations in which speedy makeup is needed. How to get your face in order with little time and little means? It’s easy, use a pencil. It can do a lot to help you restore your beauty.

1. With a soft brown pencil you can draw a perfect eyebrow line, highlight the eyes and even trace the lips. Just smudge it down toward the center of the lips and lightly powder them. Then you will look good even without lipstick.

2. With a universal white pencil you can draw a line behind your eye lashes to make your eyes more expressive. Add a few strokes under the eyebrows and blend. This will optically enlarge the eyes. You can also draw a thin white line tracing the lips. This will make them seem larger. Apply to the underside of your manicure and top with beige nail polish to create a French manicure effect.

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