Mineral cosmetics and the reasons behind their big success on the market


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This type of cosmetics appeared only 30 years ago but quickly took over the market because of its several advantages: it is suitable for every skin type; it is multifunctional and hypoallergenic, and has virtually no contraindication.

As the name itself reveals, mineral cosmetics is based on minerals – natural elements with time-tested effects. They all differ in qualities but each in its own way enhances the metabolism and renewal of the cells. This is the reason why some experts define mineral cosmetics as universal.

Mineral cosmetics are great at absorbing skin fat, which is a welcome relief for people with oily skin, who have enough trouble finding the right lotion, lipstick or eye-shadows.

Mineral cosmetics are also thought to be the best choice for sensitive and problem skin, since they have an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect.

Minerals are also good for mature and aging skin. They moisturize and help cover up wrinkles.

Most mineral cosmetics contain calcium, necessary for the quick absorption of the active substances into the skin cells, and potassium which helps the skin breath by saturating it with oxygen. Sodium helps by regulating the water balance in the cells.

Some additives to the ingredients of this type of cosmetics are often talc, beeswax, folates and different essential oils and aromas.

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