Makeup brushes and how to choose them (part two)


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For lipstick

Professionals often apply lipstick using a fine, pointed thick brush, which is flat at the base. Thus they can cover the whole lips following their natural outlines. Aside from lipstick you can also use this brush to apply gloss and give your smile the perfect shine.

For extra makeup

It often happens that a person applies more face powder or blush than needed. In this case you don’t have to clear away all of the makeup and start over. You can use a special brush for the purpose. It may be large and fanned out but it has to be round and with fibers of the same length. If you have gone overboard with eye shadows and wish to remove the extras use a small flat brush with fibers cut in a straight line. Do not use this brush for makeup application, because the color dust gets stuck in between the fibers, is not fully released in contact with the skin and creates an uneven coverage.

For eye brows and lashes

You know how important it is that your eye lashes are straight and you eyebrows are brushed. You can use the little cone-shaped brush to give them the neat maintained look.

The golden rule

Keep your makeup removal brushes clean at all times. Clean your makeup application brushes after each use. You can use special products or just warm water, but take care not to mess up the shape of the brush. Always let your brushes dry on a clean cloth or tissue. Do not rub them.

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