Hydrating the skin

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Despite of being often overlooked, the topic of skin hydration is of utmost importance. Regardless of your skin type or condition, whether it be young or old, dry, oily, mixed or problem, your skin need hydration.

Ladies with dryer skin have already learned this lesson, but there are girls with oily skin who are terrified of using hydrating lotions with the erroneous assumption that this way they will clog their pores and evoke problems. Yes, it is true that there is no product more suitable for skin prone to greasiness than the light quickly absorbed fluid. But even oily skin can be dehydrated and in cases such as these, the fluid is insufficient in compensating for the lack of moisture.

How can the skin be oily and dehydrated at the same time? There is a simple explanation. In an attempt to rid yourself of the oily shine, you use aggressive methods which destroy the skin’s protective mechanisms. This way the skin is forced to compensate for its losses and overproduction of sebum is triggered. The skin becomes even oilier. It’s paradoxical, but if your skin is both dehydrated and greasy at the same time, the use of moisturizing products will reduce the shine. Choose a light lotion with a texture that is close to fluid, which would supply the moisture your skin needs.

Water is also essential for skin hydration, as long as it is used as a drink, not topical treatment. Washing the face with water offers none of the positive effects that drinking water gives you. On the contrary – water can dry your skin, depleting its fatty reserves. This is why your skin often feels dry after taking a bath or shower. Use lotion to relieve your skin and replenish it’s moisture

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