How wrinkles appear

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Wrinkles are the main culprits for the skin becoming less attractive with age, and not only the skin of the face, but all over the body. They can be noticed at a younger age when they can be attributed to muscle contraction, grimacing, squinting and frowning. Wrinkles can usually be found around the eyes, mouth or forehead.

The main reason for wrinkle formation is dehydration of the skin. Then also begin the deeper problems on the dermal level – the amounts of collagen and elastane lessen and the process of cell regeneration slows. When the skin is dehydrated, its immunity weakens and if fades, begins to flake or forms rough spots.

To avoid formation of new wrinkles and smooth out the ones already in existence, you can use special nourishing lotions and masks containing collagen and vitamins A, D and E. Injections of collagen containing products are a more forceful method of skin regeneration.

The regular use of appropriate cosmetic products can slow the aging process of the skin. There are many products on the market for smoothing out wrinkles. Some of them have a special dermal-relaxing complex, accomplished through the action of magnesium, which blocks muscle contraction to a certain extent and thus prevents the skin from wrinkling.

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