How to choose your lotions according to the weather and your skin type

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Not caring properly for your skin can be as bad, or sometimes even worse, than not caring for it at all.

The first thing you should know is to never use summer lotions during the winter, because they contain water, which absorbs into the skin and freezes once it comes into contact with the cold weather, thus ripping the epidermis cells and leading to premature aging. This is why in winter you should use thicker and oilier lotions designed for cold, windy weather.

If the cold weather catches you unprepared, there is a homemade solution for it – rub your face with a few drops of olive oil and it will be perfectly protected.

Give notice to vegetable oils which can be very good for treating sensitive skin, enlarged pores and mixed skin types. They also moisturize and protect the skin, stimulating the growth of new cells.

For dry and sensitive, as well as for aging skin, rose oil can work wonders. It rejuvenates and regenerates the skin while improving its elasticity. Jasmine, apricot and peach oils also soften and hydrate.

Consult a dermatologist when choosing lotions for your particular skin. S/he will give you some personalized guidelines to follow.

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