Freckles – charm or burden?


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In most cases freckles appear in the spring, last throughout the summer and fade or completely disappear in the fall and winter. The reason behind their appearance can be found in the ultraviolet rays of the sun. When freckles are barely noticeable they are not considered a cosmetic defect, but are often thought to be charming. However, when they dominate the face, they ruin its aesthetics.

Fighting freckles

The cosmetic industry offers several ways of getting rid of freckles and other pigmentation spots. Yet, alongside those treatments you will do well to consume more foods rich in vitamin C and B group vitamins.

Lightening of the spots

Products containing whitening elements are often used for this purpose. Lemon acid, pure oxygen and salicylic alcohol are among the most widely used. The strongest whitening element is a very toxic substance called hydrochinon. It is safer to use arbutin, which can be found in the aloe plant.

Scrubbing pigmented skin

Chemical scrubbing is perfect for this task, because it literally dissolves the corneal cells. It can be shallow, middle or deep. The worst part about this scrub method is that it traumatizes the skin and leaves it red for about a week after the procedure.


This procedure is a treatment with liquid nitrogen, which leaves the skin very reddened. In 2-3 days it darkens and flakes revealing the new skin underneath.


This is done with a highly toxic light source, which destroys the melanin. This method is thought to be especially effective for people with long-standing pigmentation. The spots disappear a few days after the procedure.

Laser treatment

The effects of the laser are based on a luminous influence over the cells containing heightened amounts of melanin. The laser ray consumes the pigment and destroys the cell. This is the most sparing method of freckle removal. In most cases no more than 3 procedures are needed.


Whitening lotions make the spots less visible, by dispersing them into small particles. A fruit acid scrub is also recommended for home use.

Homemade cosmetics

If you do not wish to entrust your skin in the hands of experts, you can try this mask from Tibet: mix 100g of honey with the juice of 1 lemon. Spread mixture on a tissue and place over the face for no more than 15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse the face with comfortably warm water.

Diet and prophylactics

Prophylactic requires less material and time resources than treatment, which is why it is preferred. Keep the following rules and you will not need to waste time and money on therapy.

  1. Always use sunscreen, even when there is no sun outside. SPF 15 is the lowest factor you are allowed to use.
  2. Periodically supplement your diet with vitamins C and B12.
  3. Every night before going to bed cover your face with plain yoghurt and rinse it with cool water in 20 minutes.
  4. Drip cucumber juice over your freckles whenever you can.
  5. Cover your freckles with birch sap a few times a day. Repeat until you can see results.
  6. Use lotion containing retinol during the spring and summer. It considerably heightens the skin’s photosensitivity.
  7. Perform chemical scrubs and other aggressive cosmetic procedures during the fall and winter only.
  8. Apply generous amounts of sunscreen after each visit to the beauty salon.

Vitamins C and P lower the skin’s sensitivity to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, so eat more foods rich in these vitamins: onions, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, sour cherries, apricots, oranges and rosehips.



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