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When creating the perfect makeup foundation cannot be omitted. It’s because of it that the tan is even, glowing and unblemished. And this is not its only advantage. Foundation is a great base for eye shadows and blush. Eye shadows have a longer life and better coverage when applied to a lid already covered with a thin layer of foundation. It also creates a gentle protective layer over the skin and prevents dehydration, flaking and contamination. The hydration and nourishing foundations are especially suitable for winter time and create an irreplaceable comfort.

The advantages of good foundation

The myth that foundation is bad for the skin, clogs the pores and is responsible for premature aging is now busted. Today renowned brands offer improved textures which have nourishing and protective qualities, allow the skin to breathe and even protect it from environmental hazards. There are studies which show that daily use of foundation can slow aging and can sometimes replace the day lotion.

Variety to suit everyone’s preferences

The variety of foundations on the market is truly astounding – fine, water-based textures with light coverage for younger skin, hydrating products with medium coverage especially designed for winter, matting creams or sticks for every skin type, long lasting foundations with high coverage which do not smudge or rub off, SPF foundations with anti-age properties, textures with fine light-reflecting pigments for a glowing tan, transparent foundations which adapt themselves to the skin color and type and many more.

Maximum glow

The latest tendencies in makeup are to accomplish a fresh natural look. This is why products with discrete light coverage and enriched in vitamins and minerals are most popular. Light-reflecting substances play an important part in accomplishing this effect by hiding the fine wrinkles and blemishes and giving the face a rested look.

Ask your skin

Foundations are generally separated in two main groups – with pink and with yellow undertones. Choose a tone in accordance with your own complexion and test it on your cheek bone or earlobe. Apply an even layer lightly patting with your fingers. If the color blends – this is your foundation. When choosing your foundation you should also consider your skin type.

- For mixed skin type or oily skin use matting water-based foundations, mousses or sticks with light coverage.

- For normal skin use hydrating foundations with transparent or light-reflecting particles.

- For dry sensitive skin use hydrating water-based foundations.

- For dry aging skin use hydrating and nourishing foundations with anti-aging properties, long lasting with a high coverage. They may also have light-reflecting particles.

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