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There is a theory which says that women can be grouped by color into four types corresponding to the four seasons. This theory was defined by Johannes Itten’s work in practical science. In order to determine which group you belong to, you have to take into consideration the natural color of your hair, the color of your eyes and the complexion of your skin. According to these guidelines all people can be separated into four types – spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Winter and summer can be characterized as cold tones, while spring and autumn, as warm tones. Winter and autumn are further determined to be contrasting and rich colors, while spring and summer are softer and paler tones.

This four type theory has its effects on makeup selection – powder, blush, eye shadows, color of clothes, etc. According to this color theory, when a person is in his color range, he/she not only looks his/her best, but also feels better psychologically.

Winter type ladies are like Snow White – with dark hair and pale skin. The winter woman can experiment with the bravest color combinations without looking vulgar or eccentric, but elegant and flawless. The skin of winter women is very gentle, light and pale with pinkish undertones. Sometimes it can even seem transparent or bluish. It gives the feeling of coolness or porcelain.

Spring ladies are most comfortable in the grayish tones. Their hair can be ash-blond to very dark or black. Their eyes are often bright colors – grey, pale green, dark brown or black. Experts advise spring women to use little makeup in bright colors. Use grey, black or dark blue eyebrow pencil. As for eye shadows, the color theory recommends that you use blue, beige-pink, grey-pink, pink, hot-pink, light-blue, dark-blue, dark-red, violet, dark-purple, burgundy, emerald, clear and dark tones. The recommended colors of mascara are black and blue. Lipstick can be burgundy, sour cherry, scarlet or amethyst. Clothes should be well defined, in cool colors – snow-whites, bright blacks, ruby, cool purple, dark violet, blending blues, clear emerald, amethyst, all nuances of grey, neon blue, and pink-violet-blue. Spring ladies should avoid the following colors: yellow, off-white peach, lilac or any warm pastel tones.

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