Beauty marks – charm or harm


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The charm of moles

Whether moles are truly a sign of luck, happiness and money no one can say for sure. All we know is that moles, especially those on the face, give a certain charm to their owner. There are plenty of rich and famous ladies to prove that – Angelina Jolie has a mole above her right eyebrow, Beyonce Knowles has one by her left eye, Cindy Crawford – to the left of her lips, Madonna – under her nostrils, Julia Roberts – below each eye, Scarlett Johansson – on the right cheek, Kim Cattrall – to the left below her lips and so on.

When does a mole become a danger?

Moles become dangerous when they turn into malignant formations – melanomas. The main reason behind this is extreme sun exposure with blistered sunburns in childhood representing the greatest risk. Melanocytes grow uncontrollably and create fast-dividing cancer cells which manifest as dark-brown or black flat moles. They have to be watched closely. The dangerous symptoms you are looking for are: bleeding, changes in shape color and size, flaking, itchiness and painfulness. If any of these symptoms occur, consult a dermatologist immediately.

As a measure of prevention, do not neglect to apply protective lotions and sunscreens to the moles and beauty marks on the exposed parts of your body.

Rarely lentigo can develop into a malignant formation. The symptoms are enlargement of the mole and a deeper coloration turning it deep black. Black dotted spots appear in a circle around it. The skin flushes with irritation and inflammation.

Keep your moles from shaving, scratching and hitting

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