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Oh, what wouldn’t ladies give to keep the youthfulness of their skin! This desire is what fuels the cosmetic industry, plastic surgery and many sections of science. In order to preserve the youthfulness of your skin, you have to care for it, protect it and treat it.

However, it often happens that women go overboard with caring for their skin and achieve the opposite effect. If you wish to prevent the ill effects of overly aggressive skin care, avoid the mistakes listed below.

Too much scrubbing

Aggressive exfoliation can make the skin significantly drier and give it an unhealthy tan. Scrubbing is something you should definitely not overdo.

Rough cleansing products

The feeling of having skin which is thoroughly cleansed is great, but the frequent use of strong cleansing products removes valuable natural fats. This dries the skin out and makes it more susceptible to wrinkling.

Your favorite moisturizer

Some ladies skin can be oily in the summer and dry in the winter. In such cases, the use of a heavy nourishing and hydrating lotion may be recommended during the cold months, but is completely unnecessary, and even harmful, during the warmer months of the year. Listen to your skin and pay attention to its reaction to cosmetic products.

Organic care

Organic products have proven their place among the best in the cosmetic world, but when it comes to sun protection or retinoids they cannot replace the chemical formulae. Some retinoids are not found in nature and organic sunscreen products do not offer sufficient protection. Organics are the best choice if you need cleansers or moisturizers. If you need sunscreen or anti-aging products, science is the way to go.

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