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Sensitive skin is hard to live with. It does not deal well with harsher environments or contact with foreign matter, which sometimes includes cosmetic products.

The degree of sensitivity is different in different people and the treatment you should undergo is determined by it.

As a rule, all skin types react unfavorably to house cleaning products and other under-the-sink chemicals. The degree of damage depends on the tolerance level of the skin. In sensitive skin tolerance is very low which makes it easily susceptible to damage. The cosmetic products for sensitive skin are designed with as little irritants as possible.

Use products for sensitive skin only!

Use products containing minimal amounts of preservatives, colorants, perfumes or other chemicals.

Do not use tonics. Most tonics contain alcohol and are not recommended for sensitive skin.

Wear rubber gloves when working with detergents or other cleaning products. If you are allergic to rubber wear cotton gloves underneath the rubber ones.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and always wear sunscreen with sufficient protection.

If possible, avoid dusty or smoky places.

Use hypoallergenic non-comedone moisturizers for sensitive skin.

Use face cleansing products which do not contain alcohol or soap.

Do not scrub too vigorously.

Use hypoallergenic makeup removal products. Do not wear makeup for prolonged periods of time.

Sensitive skin care differs from normal skin care. If your skin is sensitive, you have to be way more careful and pay much more attention to it.

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