Advice on how to use concealer as a tool for sculpting the perfect face


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Women use makeup to give them a unique beautiful look, but also to hide small blemishes and imperfections.

Prepare the skin

Concealer is thicker and more concentrated than foundation. It can literally look like a mask spread over dry skin. In order to fill up fine creases and create a perfectly smooth surface, you need to hydrate the face with a moisturizer 5 minutes before applying concealer.

Do you really need foundation?

Even if you are in the habit of using foundation every day, try going one day with concealer only and see how you like it. In days when you just can’t go without foundation, remember to hydrate the face first and apply concealer on top of it. If you put the concealer under the foundation you are running the risk of having the two products blend together.

An important note: the foundation should match perfectly with your complexion, but the concealer should be a tone lighter.

Are you familiar with your problem areas?

Use consealer only in the problem areas, such as dark circles or pimples. Clean skin with a natural complexion always looks younger.

Be minimalistic

Concealer contains a larger amount of colorants than foundation or face powder, so to achieve the desired effect you will need just a tiny bit of it. If you want to apply it to a bigger area, use your fingertips to gently rub it in and smudge the lines, blending it into your skin. For smaller areas use an angled brush.

For greater durability

Concealer can endure longer than foundation; you just need to give it a little help. Dip a large brush in clear face powder and shake off the excess. Apply to the whole face, except below the eyes – that is a place where makeup tends to cake.

Where to apply concealer?

  • Wrinkles and fine lines – to visually smooth them over and create a softer look use cream concealer and sparingly in order to avoid achieving a mask effect.
  • Dark circles and puffiness – the skin around the eyes is very delicate. Apply concealer with your ring finger to avoid accidental pressure.
  • Capillary bursts – use cream concealer – either stick or tube.
  • Spots and pimples – apply concealer directly to the pimple or spot and not to the skin around it. Use an applicator, pencil or brush.

Concealer colors

  • Covering redness – a pimple, red spot or rosacea – use concealer with green undertones.
  • For blue or purplish blemishes – dark circles, capillary bursts, visible blood vessels – use concealer with a yellow or orange undertone.
  • For yellow imperfections – birth marks or bruising – use concealer with a purple or blue undertone.
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