A woman’s beauty is in the skin

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Scientists have discovered that the smoothness of the female skin is a key factor in determining beauty, Times recently wrote.

According to German scientists, skin tone is more important than facial symmetry, which until recently was considered the prevalent factor.

People will often turn their eyes away from a person with rough, porous skin. Scientists reason that we have developed a strong perception for skin tonus because it is an indicator of health and reproductive abilities.

“Skin tonus, especially in females, can tell a lot of the person’s reproductive potential.” says Dr. Bernhard Fink, evolutionary psychologist of the Gottingen University in Germany.

People notice these things because in the past they have been essential for successful mating. Skin tone is enough to explain the success of older actresses such as 43-year-old Hale Berry and 40-year-old Kate Blanchet.

Scientists have researched the relative significance of factors such as symmetry and skin tone, which were considered inseparable. They have photographed 170 female faces ranging from 10 to 70 years of age and after mounting them in a computer module, asked 430 participants to arrange them in order of attractiveness. The results are definitive – the only factor is the quality of the skin.

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